Traduzione testi Trivium

I Trivium sono un gruppo metalcore/thrash metal originario di Orlando. [sito ufficiale]

Ember to Inferno (14/10/2003)

Testi tradotti dell’album Ember to Inferno
[Matt Heafy, Brent Young, Travis Smith, Corey Beaulieu]

Trivium - Ember to Inferno
  1. Inception: the Bleeding Skies (strumentale)
  2. Pillars of Serpents
  3. If I Could Collapse the Masses
  4. Fugue (A Revelation)
  5. Requiem
  6. Ember to Inferno
  7. Ashes (strumentale)
  8. To Burn the Eye
  9. Falling to Grey
  10. My Hatred
  11. When All Light Dies
  12. A View of Burning Empires (strumentale)

Ascendancy (15/03/2005)

Testi tradotti dell’album Ascendancy
[Matt Heafy, Paul Gregoletto, Travis Smith, Corey Beaulieu]

Trivium - Ascendancy
  1. The end of everything (strumentale)
  2. Rain
  3. Pull harder on the strings of your martyr
    [Tira più forte le corda del tuo martire]
  4. Drowned and Torn Asunder
  5. Ascendancy
  6. A gunshot to the head of trepidation [Uno sparo alla testa dell’ansia]
  7. Like light to the flies [Come la luce per le mosche]
  8. Dying in your arms [Morendo tra le tue braccia]
  9. The Deceived
  10. Suffocating Sight
  11. Departure
  12. Declaration

The Crusade (10/10/2006)

Testi tradotti dell’album The Crusade
[Matt Heafy, Paul Gregoletto, Travis Smith, Corey Beaulieu]

Trivium - The Crusade
  1. Ignition
  2. Detonation
  3. Entrance of the Conflagration
  4. Anthem (we are the fire) [Inno – Noi siamo il fuoco]
  5. Unrepentant
  6. And sadness will sear [E la tristezza brucerà]
  7. Becoming the Dragon
  8. To the rats [Per i topi]
  9. This World Can’t Tear Us Apart
  10. Tread the Floods
  11. Contempt Breeds Contamination
  12. The Rising
  13. The crusade (strumentale)

Shogun (30/09/2008)

Testi tradotti dell’album Shogun
[Matt Heafy, Paul Gregoletto, Travis Smith, Corey Beaulieu]

Trivium - Shogun
  1. Kirisute Gomen
  2. Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis
  3. Down from the sky [Giù dal cielo]
  4. Into the Mouth of Hell We March
  5. Throes of Perdition
  6. Insurrection
  7. The Calamity
  8. He Who Spawned the Furies
  9. Of Prometheus and the Crucifix
  10. Like Callisto to a star in heaven [Come Callisto in una stella in paradiso]
  11. Shogun

In Waves (02/08/2011)

Testi tradotti dell’album In Waves
[Matt Heafy, Paul Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu, Nick Augusto]

Trivium - In Waves
  1. Capsizing the sea (strumentale)
  2. In waves [Nelle onde]
  3. Inception of the End
  4. Dusk Dismantled
  5. Watch the World Burn
  6. Black
  7. A Skyline’s Severance
  8. Built to Fall
  9. Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
  10. Forsake Not the Dream
  11. Chaos Reigns
  12. Of All These Yesterdays
  13. Leaving this world behind (strumentale)

Vengeance Falls (10/10/2013)

Testi tradotti dell’album Vengeance Falls
[Matt Heafy, Paul Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu, Nick Augusto]

Trivium - Vengeance Falls
  1. Brave This Storm
  2. Vengeance Falls
  3. Strife [Conflitto]
  4. No Way to Heal
  5. To Believe
  6. At the End of This War
  7. Through Blood and Dirt and Bone
  8. Villainy Thrives
  9. Incineration: The Broken World
  10. Wake [The End Is Nigh]

Silence in the Snow (02/10/2015)

Testi tradotti dell’album Silence in the Snow
[Matt Heafy, Paul Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu, Mat Madiro]

Trivium - Silence in the Snow
  1. Snøfall (strumentale)
  2. Silence in the snow [Silenzio nella neve]
  3. Blind leading the blind [Il cieco guida il cieco]
  4. Dead and gone [Morto e sepolto]
  5. The ghost that’s haunting you [Il fantasma che ti perseguita]
  6. Pull me from the void [Tirami fuori dal vuoto]
  7. Until the world goes cold [Fino a quando il mondo diventa freddo]
  8. Rise above the tides [Sorgi sopra le maree]
  9. The thing that’s killing me [La cosa che mi sta uccidendo]
  10. Beneath the sun [Sotto il sole]
  11. Breathe in the flames [Respirare nelle fiamme]
  12. The darkness of my mind [L’oscurità della mia mente]
  13. Cease all your fire [Cessate ogni vostro fuoco]

The Sin and the Sentence (20/10/2017)

Testi tradotti dell’album The Sin and the Sentence
[Matt Heafy, Paul Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu, Alex Bent]

Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence
  1. The sin and the sentence [Il peccato e la condanna]
  2. Beyond Oblivion
  3. Other Worlds
  4. The heart from your hate [Il cuore dal tuo odio]
  5. Betrayer [Traditore]
  6. The Wretchedness Inside
  7. Endless Night
  8. Sever the Hand
  9. Beauty in the Sorrow
  10. The Revanchist
  11. Thrown into the Fire

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